New Horizons and Beyond

Portrait Drawing-wks 3 and 4

Analytical Figure-wk3

Head Drawing wk3 and 4

Figure Painting week4

A sketch at home- I decided to throw in. I will more than likely turn this into a painting.

This is a compilation of two weeks work at LAAFA. This week I bravely dove into the world of color using the limited Zorn Palette-after the artist Anders Zorn who used only Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Red, White and Black to create all of his colors. It proved to work well and I think I will stick with the Zorn palette for a while until I understand color really well. Again I feel as if in one weeks work I have made leaps and bounds in my understanding of the formal elements of painting. I can't help but be eager to see what epiphanies lie beyond on the horizon.

A return to fine art

Figure Painting with Aaron Westerberg-Wk 2

Head Drawing with Aaron Westerberg-wk2

Analytical figure with Ron Lemen-wk2
(includes three others below)

Portrait with Matt Riggs-2nd sitting-wk 2

This week provided its own challenges and triumphs. Overall, I feel that I have learned more this week than I have in three years at UCSC. I hope the proof is in the pudding :)

Testing the waters- week 1 at LAAFA

Portrait Drawing with Matt Riggs-Day 1

Figure Painting with Aaron Westerberg-Day1

Head Drawing with Aaron Westerberg-Day 1

Analytical Figure Drawing with Ron Lemen-Day 1

Cast Drawing with Matt Riggs-Day 1

This first week was very intense and exciting. I feel I had a surprisingly solid start considering I hadn't drawn or painted in a long while. All of my instructors are fountains of knowledge and I was absolutely amazed by all I had learned in only one week! I couldn't wait for the next week to come!